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Nov. 6th, 2012

I voted absentee in Ohio! Did you vote in OH or NY?


I thought I was going to have to move back to Ohio! But then my boyfriend requested a job transfer and actually got it, so he's moving here instead. Whoa.

He's moving here in three weeks. We're going to be living in my tiny studio until we can find a bigger place. He's been living all by himself in a giant two-bedroom apartment with two huge lawns and laundry in the basement. He's not quite as hardcore about city living as I am, and I'm a little worried about his culture shock.

Got any culture shock stories and how you dealt?

Welcome to Amsterdam

So this show may not be about New York nor Ohio per-say but I feel as if it represents why we all are ready to leave/let Ohio. There must be a certain...I don't know vibe about New York we all couldn't find in this state. Also this was seriously one of the best Broadway shows in years.


hey guys hey

Let me get this comm kicked off with an intro post!

I'm from Cincinnati. I originally moved to NYC for college (Eugene Lang) in 2002. I lived in university housing, on Union Square for two years (super-sweet) and the Financial District for the other two years (not so sweet). Cost of living ate my face, so I moved back to nice, cheap Ohio after I graduated in 2006. In 2009, I got an unexpected scholarship to NYU, so I dropped everything and moved back to NYC for grad school. Now I'm chilling under a pile of snow in Astoria.

I miss Graeter's ice cream, LaRosa's pizza, and making eye contact when I walk down the street.

I also miss my boyfriend, who is still in Cincinnati. We've been long-distance for all this time. If you need any tips for LDRs, I'm your girl. We're hoping to move him up here some time after I graduate.

Any other Cincinnatians? Holla!

Welcome to Ohio to New York!

Greetings from your friendly moderator! I noticed that there were an awful lot of former Ohioans kicking about in newyorkers, so I thought I'd make a community for us to talk about things specific to being an Ohioan living in NYC.

Please read the info page before posting. If you have any suggestions to make our comm a better place, leave a comment on this post and I'll see what I can do!

Have fun!